🤍 Die neue `love to go` Kollektion ist da! Jetzt entdecken 🤍

collaboration with Fair Trade artisans

About preserving Hmong culture, sustainability and fair trade

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Ethnic Lanna

Ethnic Lanna helps Hill Tribe women from Northern Thailand produce eco-friendly products by repurposing their beautiful fabrics: ''Our favorite fabrics to work with are Hmong Baby-Carriers. Expectant mothers meticulously hand embroider the carrier throughout their pregnancy, and the amount of love, care, and thought that goes into each step in the process is what makes these fabrics so amazing – and also so hard to source. Mothers will often hold onto these Baby-Carriers for years after they are used, and are made available to artisans when they so choose.'' (Carlos Mantilla, Ethnic Lanna)

In collaboration with Ethnic Lanna we are able to transform what was once an object for everyday use into a mara mea product with ''life'' and history. Being able to recycle the Hill Tribes intricately hand embroidered Baby Carries and repurposing them into beautiful new products as well as supporting the developing communities of the Hmong women of Thailand at the same time, made us decided to work with Ethnic Lanna and put together a collection we could be proud of in terms of both ethics and design.

We are still working on our first collection, but we will definitely keep you posted!

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