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Pregnancy and exercise: Ladies, let's move!

Kim is one of our wonderful models for mara mea's SS16 collection. She is 26, studying sports science in Berlin and currently is pregnant with her first child.

Hi Kim! How are you?
I'm doing great, thanks! Right now I'm in the final month of my pregnancy and expecting the baby in January.

You're a very active person. How did you start getting into sports?
I began to play volleyball when I was 13. I loved the game and the team spirit and enjoyed it a lot until I eventually had to stop due to lack of time. I've also done athletics and went jogging. I regularly do workouts at the gym, go swimming and I've done yoga for about 5 years now as well.

What role do sports play in your life?
Physical activity is very important to me personally. Not just because of my studies and my generel interest in the scientific context of it, but especially for myself and my own confidence. I always notice that, when I'm unable to be physically active for a few days, I get really moody and don't feel as relaxed. A lot of people can't understand this feeling, but it really bothers me when I have to rest for a couple of days.

Why is exercising important or beneficial during pregnancy?
Of course it isn't the same for all women and every pregnancy is individual and different. A general approach, however, is "What's good for me is good for the kid as well". The endorphins that are released while you're working out have positive effects on the baby. Furthermore, regular exercise can help reduce typical discomforts like water retention, back pain etc. However, pregnant women should be a bit more careful especially during the first 12 weeks.

What type of exercise can be recommended?
Yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape. Yoga is also highly recommendable because it combines physical activity with elements of meditation. This can teach you techniques for relaxation as well as willpower, which is of great advantage at childbirth. Swimming is also a very enjoyable way to stay fit because of the weightlessness in the water. Many public swimming baths offer things like water gymnastics for pregnant women, and there are lots of programmes for prenatal yoga as well.

What are the most important things to be mindful of when exercising in pregnancy?
Always listen to your body. Although pregnancy is not necessarily a reason to rest, you should never overdo it and just be a bit more careful than usual. Apart from that, it‘s important to always stay hydrated and have a few snacks like bananas or nuts with you to keep your energy levels up. Your body has to do a lot of work! Also make sure you‘re wearing comfortable clothes, a sports bra for support and good shoes.

You recently modeled for mara mea‘s brand new SS16 collection. How do you like the labels concept?
I love the concept and the whole label, because there definitely is a lack of stylish, fashionable maternity wear. A young label like mara mea, who produce functional but very beautiful clothing and accessoires, is of incredibly great value.

Thanks a lot for your time and all the luck in the world to you and your kid, Kim!

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