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Checklist: Packing your Hospital Bag

Almost every guidebook about pregnancy advices you to start packing your hospital-suitcase at least four weeks before delivery date. Don’t panic! In most cases this is far too early and the only thing that happens is a dusty ready-to-go-bag sitting in the corner and a swearing husband stumbling over it at night waking you up :) However, it is very helpful to make sure that all the important items and documents are within easy reach when finally needed! With help from blogger mom Nadine, heimataufenthalt.de, we created a checklist with all of the essential items you'll definitely need for THE day of days.

Important documents

  • Your maternity record book – self-evident!
  • Your health insurance card – if you have an additional private insurance for hospital bring this card as well
  • Identity card and birth certificate of yourself and your husband/boyfriend plus copies – for the registry office
  • Certificate of marriage – or acknowledgement of paternity if you are not married

For the delivery room

  • A long light shirt – something you feel comfortable in
  • A cardigan or a bathrobe and warm socks – something that keeps you warm after birth
  • Slippers – might not be that important for the delivery but for your stay afterwards
  • Enough water to drink and maybe a snack – for you and your partner as well :)
  • Cooling spray for your face and lip balm – a little refreshment
  • A camera or a mobile phone – for the first picture of you and your baby

For the hospital stay

  • Some comfortable clothes (jogging pants, sweater, hoodie) – for day and night
  • Nursing tops and/or bras – and some shirts suitable for nursing
  • Nursing pads – to avoid wet shirts
  • Enough underwear – better too much than too little
  • Washcloths and towels – also practical: disposable baby-washcloths (they are very soft and you can use them for nearly everything)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, body and face lotion, shampoo, shower gel – and whatever else you need
  • Flip-Flops or other slippers that can be worn in the shower – hospital showers are not that inviting
  • Sanitary towels – most hospitals provide them, but it is better to have some of your own just in case
  • Something to wear on the way home from hospital – bring some of your favorite clothes for this special day
  • Something for your baby to wear on the way home: body, shirt, romper suit, socks, jacket, blanket or footmuff (depending on season and weather) – you don’t need any clothes for the stay, the hospital provides everything

Other stuff that is useful (but can also be delivered a bit later by your husband or family)

  • Some food and drinks you like – hospital food leaves a lot to be desired
  • Charging cables for your camera and/or mobile phone – you might take a lot of pictures and call/text many people
  • Baby car seat for the way home from hospital – or a stroller, if you live in walking distance to hospital
  • Magazines or a book – in case you can tear away only one second from looking at your beautiful baby
  • And obviously - Don't forget your mara mea diaper bag :)

We hope this list helps you getting ready for one of craziest days in your life :) Of course, these are all basic items and everyone can bring additional things depending on personal taste and needs. The most important is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible, so you are able to fully enjoy the first moments with your newborn.

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